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Double-threat Elektra and Miranda are the beautiful and talented twin sisters who have just released their first single as the group Saint Lou Lou. Raised between Stockholm and Sydney in a bohemian, musical family, their unique brand of ‘dream pop’ has a wonderful lightness of touch about it and a maturity that belies their young years (they are only just out of high school). Think Beach House meets Au Revoir Simone via Joni Mitchell and you are about there. They look the part too of course, with an image that is both understated-sexy and studious and wouldn’t look out of place in a Sofia Coppola movie.

Their debut single ‘Maybe You’ has just dropped on Kitsune, the pioneering Paris-based electronic label who are famous for being able to spot the hottest, freshest talent out there. Kitsune always know who to suggest for their artists to collaborate with and in this case they chose Lauer to do the remix; a truly excellent interpretation it is too. We don’t doubt that everything will run like clockwork and people are going to lap them up.

We fired off these questions to the busy girls ahead of their debut gig in London at Gold Dust next week.

1. You grew up between Stockholm and Sydney – and your artist biography talks of a feeling of displacement that comes over in your music. Was it so tough though? Because splitting time between two such places is what most adults dream of!

E/M: In terms of displacement, it was always that we wanted to be at the other place; if we were in Sydney we missed Stockholm and vice-versa. It felt like we were always missing someone. But yes, of course we are fortunate to have roots in these two most amazing countries.

2. Were you admirers of Kitsune in the past? And how are things looking for the future, will you be staying with them?

E/M: Yes, Kitsuné is a unique label that have put out some really good stuff. High quality music is the core of their identity and they are always fresh and innovative. That’s why we love them and are really happy to be involved with them.

3. Has anyone compared you to Au Revoir Simone yet who were also on Kitsune? (We see some similarities but find you very original, no question!)

E/M: No! Never. That is flattering though, they’re cool and super cute.

4. Explain your genre of ‘dream pop’ to us and which other artists do you listen to that inhabit this genre?

E/M: To us dream pop is the layering of sweet, harmonious pop with a dreamy and spacey soundscape, creating duality and contrast. In other ends of the genre, some dream pop lean more to alternative/ethereal rock. I think we are on the softer side, but we still inhabit some of the darkness. We love Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, two of our favorite bands.

5. We really love the Lauer remix of Maybe You. Is there anyone else from the electronic scene you will be working with soon? Are Kitsune hooking you up with some new collaborators?

E/M: Thank you! We are so proud that he wanted to do it, and of how good it is! We might have a few more collaborations up our sleeves, so watch this space!

6. Tell us how you first got into singing? Were you performing from a young age?

E/M: We come from a musical family, so we have always been surrounded by music and performing, so in that sense we’ve always been singing. We’ve been in choirs since we were ten, but it was only quite recently when we started the project that we started singing professionally, if you could say that.

7. Lets discuss the twin thing briefly. You are identical right? Did your parents used to dress you alike and when did that all stop? Any crazy ‘twin’ stories to tell us?

E/M: The twin thing, of course! Yes, we’re identical but our parents have always made sure to separate us and have never dressed us in the same clothes (probably because she bought all our clothes second hand). We have always been two different characters. But sometimes we used to wear matching black little turtlenecks with velvet vests, one in green and one in red, ha ha. We swapped classrooms once, and the teachers didn’t even notice. We used to play tricks on people on the phone, no one ever knew who they were talking to!

8. Love the slightly 70’s feel to your image. Who are your past/current fashion influences?

E/M: We’ve always been inspired by people that are natural, and naturally beautiful, and that have found their thing and just gone with it. That way they always look amazing, because it is timeless. Charlotte Rampling and Lauren Hutton are perfect examples of women we’re inspired by, there is something so effortless and sexy about their style.

9. That is a great cover shot for your debut single – who shot it?

E/M: A Swedish friend of ours and super talented photographer, Benjamin Vnuk, shot the cover photo!

10. Would you like to be darlings of the fashion scene as well as the music scene?

E/M: Music and fashion go hand in hand in one way, so of course we would like to be appreciated in the fashion world, but it’s not a goal of ours in that sense. We love clothes, and how they make us feel. But we are not very trendy.

11. I have to ask this one for the male readers. Do you have boyfriends? Can you each describe your perfect man for us? :)

E/M: Who said anything about men…?!

12. What can people expect from your London gig on September 19th? Any other big gigs lined up?

E/M: Expect goodness! We’re also doing a gig in London on the 20th, Sanderson Sessions!

Maybe You was released on Kitsune worldwide on August 27th.

Enjoy the video for Maybe You here:

  • Photography: Saint Lou Lou by Benjamin Vnuk
Words by Liz McGrath
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