Where the runway meets the street

Natural Selection Denim showcases the denim evolution process, bringing to life their most iconic washes – one from each evolutionary stage of wear. These stages are known as the ‘Wash Families’ – RAW / BRUISED / BROKEN / BURIED.

Today, we look at the RAW wash family: the beginning and most early stage of “Denim Evolution”. Fresh from the loom, starchy, dark and clean – an unworn, RAW jean is ready to evolve and reveal the characteristic weave underneath.

The RAW jean featured is “Straight K Raw” – one of the first jeans ever created by Natural Selection Denim! It is strong and crunchy – made from 14oz selvedge fabric from Okayama and dyed to a deep indigo. The stark, clean lines and classic form nods to the original workwear jean of the 1830’s – this essence of construction and strength being translated in the first film.

The next film of the series will take a look at the second Wash Family, BRUISED, a step beyond RAW – where the denim, while still crisp and stiff, begins to show the first signs of change – by highlighting the character that wear and lifestyle bring to it.


Directed by Hidden Agency
Music Design by YoVideo


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