This week saw a number of great music video releases and made my job all the more difficult. Including releases from Bizarre Tribe, Family Band and Alt-J, we provide you with re-interpretations of classic 90s Hip-Hop, skeletons and choirboys…

Family Band – Moonbeams (Dir. Sam Macon)

Although light-hearted, the combination of this video and it’s accompanying track make for a haunting and beautiful experience.  Think less Johnny and The Cobra Kai from Karate Kid and more Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage (GIF ME MORE PARTY) (Dir. WeAre From L.A.)

This one is truly something special. Clearly not content with the first video, the Hip-Hop Experimentalists teamed up with WeAre From L.A. and MTV to create a second interactive music video for our amusement. With 50 characters to choose from and a set of missions to complete for that much coveted free download, this is that summer party you always dreamed of (but never got invited to). Check it out here.

Bizarre Tribe – Runnin’

Gummy Soul’s Amerigo Gazaway is attempting something ballsy; combining his favourite A Tribe Called Quest beats with vocals from West Coast giants The Pharcyde. Dope concept, dope production and dope video. A.G. we salute you. Grab the full album for free here.

Breakbot Feat. Irfane – One Out Of Two (Dir. Irina Dakeva)

The beautiful blonde/brunette Alka Balbir stars as the sultry badass. With beautiful scenery, a dark story line and a poor, unsuspecting child this video’s perfect for all the broken-hearted hipsters out there.

Alt-J – Fitzpleasure (Dir. Guillaume Cagniard)

This one gets real weird, real quick. It stars what could quite possibly be the next muse for a Lady Gaga video and a Florence Welch-looking cobwebbed bride (with her clearly incorrigible friend). The Alt-J boys seem more than happy to watch the whole freak show unfurl whilst conducting their Choir boy duties.

Take it from me, it doesn’t make any more sense if you watch it again.

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