Tune in and turn up

The idea for this series came from a good friend of mine a few years ago. He was both horrified and fascinated by Soulja Boy’s Kush On Deck. From this day forward we embarked on a grueling mission to find the worst rap songs of all time. Whilst ‘Kush On Deck’ is indeed truly awful, it is sadly just the tip of the bad rap iceberg. Listeners beware, you’re in for a scare…

Shaquille O’Neal – (I Know I Got) Skillz

And with the very first verse, Bad Rap Mondays is born:

“You wanna fight? Come fight me,

I’ll hit ya with the wa, psh, psh, psh, see, see”

I’m not sure at what point Shaq thought it was acceptable to start a rap song with kung-fu sounds but, err, he did it. However, his real lyrical genius rears its head a little later when Def Jef asks “Yeah but what about rhymes?” to which Shaq retorts “I can hold my own: Nick-nack Shaq-attack give a dog a bone.”

Believe it or not, this single reached gold status whilst the album, Shaq Diesel, went platinum. The Big Shamrock released four rap albums in total and I will be sure to listen to all of them in search of future BRM features.

Here’s hoping he stays retired in every domain.

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