From the ground up

The sneaker culture and the sneaker community are growing and expanding. Do you think you’re a “real sneakerhead”? Check the following 10 signs, courtesy of Complex, to find out if you’re actually a lame sneakerhead…

  • 1. You Cry Publicly When You Miss Out On Releases.
  • 2. You Say “I Need Those” For Every Hype Release.
  • 3. You Tell Everyone How Much Of A Sneakerhead You Are.
  • 4. You Talk About The Good Old Days…Which Was When Your Mom Bought You Sneakers.
  • 5. You Only Know Sneakers By Their Nicknames.
  • 6. You Only Wear One Brand Of Sneakers.
  • 7. You Only Think A Sneaker Is Cool After A Celeb Co-Signs It.
  • 8. The Only Place You Talk To People About Sneakers Is On The Internet.
  • 9. You Only Wear Shoes To Post A Picture of Them On Social Media.
  • 10. You Can’t Admit To Being Guilty Of At Least One Thing On This List.

See the full article at Complex.

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