Where the runway meets the street

Natural Selection Denim showcases the denim evolution process, bringing to life their most iconic washes – one from each evolutionary stage of wear. These stages are known as ‘Wash Families’ – RAW / BRUISED / BROKEN / BURIED.

Today, we look at the BRUISED wash family: a more comfortable jean than RAW – less rigid, de-starched and ready to wear. Areas of the denim have been highlighted, whilst remaining dark, clean and elegant.

The BRUISED jean featured is ‘Straight Bruised’ – which emulates a lived in ‘Straight K Raw’ jean. The denim shows the first signs of evolution – it is clearly worn and beaten, whilst still preserving the beautiful range of dark indigo tones. Look for the whiskering and wear to the seat and edges of the jean that will shine with many more months of wear. This film captures the essence of the denim coming into contact with nature and the environment, and as a result, altering its surface.

The next film of the series looks at the third wash family, BROKEN; a stage where the denim is defined by the timeless blue colouring and authentic signs of wear and care.

Directed by Hidden Agency
Music Design by YoVideo

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