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THIS IS ITALY 2012, BABY! by Michele Wad Caporosso

First, please remember: 99% of people under 35 years old here in Italy have ever seen or touched a “mandolino”. Then, take a look to the brand new italian style with Iuter and the ultimate qualitative leap with their FW 2012-13 collection.

It’s a complete line, with shirts and sweaters, jackets and jeans, and of course t-shirts designed by the best artists around. And do not forget the accessories: leather belts, keychains, bags and cases, hats, beanies and sunglasses.

If you already know the brand, you should be used to the superior Made in Italy quality; but, to celebrate IUTER’s first ten years, they focused on style as well! Without denying their streetwear DNA, they drove the collection toward outerwear looks, with an obsessive care for details and finish.

We caught up with the crew to learn more about the 10 year collection.

Highsnob: 10 years. Really?

IUTER: Yeah, and for the 10th year anniversary, we present a capsule collection featuring worldwide famous illustrators such as Usugrow, Marco Klefisch, Shohei and Giorgio Di Salvo – who’s also the art director for our Uppercut collection.

Let us know something about this collection.

First, we’d like to present you Iuter x SAG messenger bag: the japanese brand is highly regarded by urban cyclists and fixed gear bikers all around the world, both for style and endurance. The pattern of the bag is used on tshirts and Teddy Bear sweaters as well.

What about the “octopus graphic”?

It’s Giorgio Di Salvo’s VNGRD Octopus; as the designer took part of Iuter team, we re-edited his most famous graphic, in three different colours. And it’s not just about the tshirt: the Octopus will be available as Teddy Bear zip hood sweater as well. Giorgio di Salvo imputs didn’t stop with this tee: in the collection you’ll find a lot of his graphics, as you’ll notice his style in coats and jackets, especially in Uppercut, the capsule collection that contains Iuter jewels in the crown.

You worked also with Fracap..

Yes, Fracap is an italian brand of mountain shoes, highly apprecitated by alpine troops and urban youth. In this excellenct collaboration, Iuter presents two different models: a dark blue leather boot and a more classic black shoe with a fat white rubber sole.

And Happy Birthday to Iuter…


But we don’t have a gift for you..

No problem, we gave ourselves a nice gift: it’s a silver ring made by Nove25 Jeweller, with a nice X (that’s the latin number for 10), our logo and 2002-2012 dates. This jewel is available in the accessories selection as well several other fine goods.

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