Tune in and turn up

Since last week’s edition was more of a blast from the past, I figured this week I’d bring you up to speed on one of bad rap’s current stalwarts, Ajak Chol aka ‘Bangs’. Born and raised in Sudan, Bangs now lives and records his songs in Australia. How this guy was permitted time in a recording studio I have no idea but let’s just say the results were pretty astounding.

He uploaded ‘Take U To Da Movies’ to YouTube in 2009 and after a few months it went viral.

Here are just a few things I can’t get my head around:

1. The lyrics: “You can be my Cinderella, when it rain, you can stand under my umbrella” and “I’m not like the other boys, I’m different guy, coming from the sky, whatever I say I never lie, just let me know if you wanna go somewhere…Yeah!”

2. The ridiculous production (which according to Bangs is inspired by Dr. Dre’s work).

3. The switching between falsetto for the hook and the deep vocal for the verse.

4. The green-screen backdrops which include plastic-looking bling, a forest, a roulette table, stacks of money and Sudan. Seriously, this video will blow your mind.

5. “Ahh-haa!”

Although the song and video are outstandingly bad, I find it kind of endearing to see a guy from such a war-stricken and violent place essentially singing a song about taking a girl to the movies. Yes his rhymes are weak and his videos are certainly laughable but there’s nothing offensive or obtuse about his music. For these reasons I hope he continues to make rap songs and if they make us laugh, well that’s just a bonus.

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