Where the runway meets the street
Molloy & Sons

Beams video output continues to impress, here the Japanese store takes a trip to beautiful County Donegal, North West Ireland, famed for its intricate, traditional cloths. A maker they’re currently creating collections with,  Molloy & Sons is at present just a two man operation, son Kieran and father Shaun, however the family have been in the business since the 1800s. From the creation of the yarns to the designs, dyeing to colour matching, each stage is a finely tuned process taking place in-house or with partners in the local area. The end product in terms of the fabric itself and the pieces Beams create out of it are something special, the potential limitless when you see the hundreds of colour swatches on offer, the range full of incredible shades and variation in pattern. The idea of Craftsmanship gets thrown around a lot of late, watching this video should give some insight into what that word truly means.

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