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Not so long ago, we took a look at the wood based Thinksound TS02+ mic in-ear headphones from the New Hampshire audio start-up. We appreciated the Thinksound “sound” for offering clear vocals while providing prominent bass from the price of $90. We still recommend then in their price range.

But in the last few months, Thinksound has released a higher class in-ear wood headphone that is a step forward from their TS02 offering in terms of clarity and overall bass response: the Thinksound MS01 Monitor Series.

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What we like about the Thinksound MS01 is how well it adapt to portable devices while shining well when plugged into a dedicated amplifier. On the iPhone, users will instantly appreciate how balanced the bass response from the 8mm aluminum driver is. They call it “acoustically enhanced” sound which translates into better resolution and oomph on listen.

Like all in-ears, the Thinksound MS01 offers passive noise isolation: when inserted into the ear they do a great job of working as an earplug. Being that I am not a fan of “noise canceling  headphones and their habit of adding white noise to block out sound, the natural attenuation of the MS01 works very well in high noise or travel environments. They even include ear wraps to secure the cabling when in use – for those that prefer.

Thinksound lauds the MS01 as being sweat resistant and good for gym use. The Kevlar lined cable housing helps reinforce and strengthen them and will likely make active wear of the MS01 a safe and pleasurable experience. They come in at $99 – $10 more than the TS02+mic – but lack the microphone that many commuters will appreciate.

The Thinksound MS01 is meant for music fan looking to advance their sound into the world or monitor or reference sound. Again, an amp will do these in-ears wonders.

With or without and amp, their sub $100 price point, strong build, passive noise isolation, and overall sound signature make them a worthy competitor in the in-ear headphone market.

Those interested in full specs can find them on Thinksound.com

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