“Why do we do the things we do?” is an as bothersome as hard to answer question. It’s not that we don’t know the answer. We are fully aware of why we are doing things, over and over again. There is this urge, some people may call it passion, that keeps us doing it, and which in the long run keeps the sparks flying. It all leads to a simple thought, a mere feeling, which seems so complex and ephemeral at times, we often don’t seem to be able to even grasp it. It seems to be gone the moment we were to say it out loud. Speech is sometimes a deficient means of communication.

These were the first thoughts that struck me, while watching Quick, the recent collaboration between The Berrics and Quicksilver. If someone was about to ask me why I skateboard and why I keep doing it, i would most likely show him this short but very inspiring  and poetic film. Despite being produced by two big shot companys it goes without that contemporary flashy tech-style skating. Instead it breaks down skateboarding into its inner and most sacred core. Contrary to popular beliefs, skateboarding is not about doing the most awesome tricks and winning big money at contests. It’s about modesty and the resulting creativity. Skateboarding teaches you to be aware of and overcome the indifference towards your surroundings, empowering you to see the beauty and above all the opportunities that lie in the urban wasteland called city.

See for yourself in the video above.




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