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In anticipation of the brand-new 2013 A4, Audi commissioned the world-renowned track builders from Slot Mods USA to handcraft the unique Audi quattro Slot Car Experience. An industrial laser scanner was used to generate the digital outline of the model cars, then body shells were created on a 3D printer and paired with separately sourced four-wheel-drive slot car chassis.

To reproduce the Audi A4 handling characteristics in a slot car, they spent hours testing and custom tuning the traction magnets on each vehicle – while still leaving enough play for racing to remain competitive.

In a typical slot-car setup, drivers use a handheld resistor to modulate voltage to the track and, in turn, the speed of the slot car. This nearly 100-year-old system forces the driver to race from a bird’s-eye view trackside, instead of the driver’s seat where they should be. To change this, Audi developed a custom iPad app to pair with their in-car cameras – putting the driver right in the cockpit for the first time ever.

Photographs courtesy of Supercharged

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