Tune in and turn up

Allen Samuels a.k.a A. Samuels is a fifty-five year old casino executive from Newark, NJ and it’s impossible to take him seriously. This song and the whole farcical package it’s wrapped up in meant it was only a matter of time before BRM found him.

After a brief introduction Samuels proceeds to give us a lesson on how he lives the life.

From the ridiculous white sweater at 0.33s to the bling hung up on his mic, this video contains pretty much every cliché in the book.

Fortunately, ‘Livin De Life’ offers just as many lyrical gems. For example:

“Doctor’s on call, gangsters that fall,

I got lawyers that draw up papers for us all.”

A word of advice, Allen, when you’re bragging about having “Doctors on call” you might want to question your motives for becoming a rapper.

And at the bridge:

“Bringing home the paper to the family, to the wife,

But I ask them this question, “Are they livin de life?”

Why is he asking his wife and kids if they’re living de life? Smug bastard.

With all the shots on private jets, grinding on (much) younger women and cruising around in his Benz perhaps a more apt name would be ‘Livin De Midlife Crisis’

Although on a personal level, the worst thing of all is the striking similarity A. Samuels bears to my girlfriend’s dad.

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