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There are three key things that make a party: good friends, good food, and good drinks. And thereʼs no better drink for a get together than a big bowl of shared punch, preferably splashed with Grey Goose vodka. The premium vodka brand has just spent the last month traveling around Los Angeles, Chicago, Hamptons and Miami sharing their brand new, exclusive-until-now recipes for their latest Grey Goose Punch Series.

Now theyʼre showing us how itʼs done with four films featuring celebrated chef Jon Shook, mixologist Revae Schneider, top American polo player Nic Roldan, farm-to-table chef John Wayne Fornica and DJ A-Trak.

Jon Shook’s LA Cook Up

The first of the four films is LA, where the inimitable Jon Shook threw a private dinner party for friends and family with a menu inspired by the West Hollywood Punch. Jon, who starred in the Food Networkʼs “Two Dudes Catering” and penned the “Two Dudes, One Pan” cookbook invited the likes of photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis, designer Stephanie Tran, art collective FriendswithYou, Widowsʼ Erin Garcia aka Bobby Evans, actors Alison Becker and Zach McGowen as well as his friends from super popular restaurant Animal.

What best compliments the delicious flavours of star anis, fresh blueberries, pressed red grape and Grey Goose vodka? According to Jon, weʼre looking at a whole lot of Peepʼn eat shrimp, local blackened rock fish, salsa verde balsamic pork ribs, heirloom tomato panzanella and pie in a jar tres leches.

Check out Jon prepping for the dinner party in the video and photos above, and hear why sharing great food and drinks is so important to the LA good life.

Chicago’s Farm-to-Table Moment with John Wayne Formica & Revae Schneider

Chicago’s own “Cowboy Chef” John Wayne Formica and mixologist Revae Schneider threw an exclusive, farm-to-table rooftop gathering for the city’s food and style crowd. Using all natural ingredients from the local farmer’s market and freshly picked garnishing from John’s rooftop farm, the duo created a deliciously wholesome menu including mozzarella roulade, braised beets, peach turnover and lamb tartare with chickpea chips.

The menu saw John and Revae go back to their roots, picking ingredients from his 1,000 square foot rooftop farm which grows 130 different vegetables and herbs including kale, strawberries and mint. All the ingredients were sourced to compliment Grey Goose’s new signature serve The Lakeshore Punch, a refreshingly crisp mix made up of Grey Goose La Poire, pear nectar, St Germain elderflower liqueur, cucumber, lime and mint.

The meal was later served next to the farm to guests including fashion bloggers The Midwestern Style and awesome local beekeepers Bike a Bee, rounding up the thoroughly authentic farm-to-table experience which you can now see in the film above. Get a feel for how John and Revae brought it all together over the course of one day, and try out The Lakeshore Punch for yourself at home.

Below you’ll find an exclusive recipe for the Two Way Potato with Truffled Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes chef John Wayne Formica of Homestead made in Chicago.

Two Way Potato with Truffled Goat Cheese Mashed Potatoes

450 g Yukon potato
97.5 ml heavy cream
15 g truffle oil
1 g mint julienne
1.5 g salt
275 g goat cheese
3 ea Yukon potato


Potato Filling
Clean, peel cut potato into large dice. Place into a pot and cover with cold water and set on med-high heat and simmer until fork tender. In a small pot combine cream and truffle oil, on low heat reduce by half. Place warm potato into bowl and mash with fork or potato masher. Combine reduced truffle cream into potato mixture and mash until creamy. Fold mint, goat cheese and salt into mixture and mix until well incorporated. Adjust seasoning.

Potato Chip Shell
Clean Yukon potatoes and peel. Using mandolin slice potato 1/8 inch thick lengthwise. Fold slices until they meet and suture with toothpick forming a shell. Deep fry in frying oil @ 350 degree until golden.

Filling Potato
Fill piping bag with potato filling. Pipe filling into shell until full. Serve with a drizzle of extra truffle oil and a dash of salt.

The rule of frying is “GBD” which means “Golden Brown & Delicious” — if potatoes are not cooked correctly through, they become soggy and oily and not very pleasant to eat.

Make sure to cool the mashed potato mixture that fills the fried potato shell before incorporating the goat cheese so it doesn’t melt directly into the mashed potatoes. Incorporating the goat cheese into cooled mashed potatoes gives the dish an interesting texture and flavor burst to the palate

Make sure the potato shell is cooled before you fill it with the mashed potato and goat cheese mixture so you’ll get nice crispness from the outside potato shell and a warm and creamy taste from the truffled goat cheese mashed potatoes inside.

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The next film in the series takes place in the Hamptons and launches Thursday 4th Oct at www.greygoose.com/punch

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