Blossom One Limited $11,111 Coffee Maker

Take a group of former NASA and Apple scientists, give them the task of making a better cup of coffee and the results just may be next level.  “Blossom Coffee company is the brainchild of coffee fan, Jeremy Kuempel, and two colleagues.Kuempel is an MIT engineering graduate who previously worked on Apple’s iPad and at electric-car maker Tesla.”

Blossom Coffee debuted their One Limited coffee maker recently. It runs the size of a desktop computer measuring in at seven inches wide and keeps the coffee away from inert materials by only allowing it to touch glass and steel. They throw in WiFi and a QR scanning camera in hopes that one day, coffee bean makers will encode direct brew specs into their packaging. That’s what $11,111 gets you.

As Kuempel puts it, “This is how crazy we are about coffee, design and service.”

We like it.

Managing Director N.A.

Jeff Carvalho is Managing Director for Highsnobiety N.A. in New York City. He holds a journalism degree from Northeastern University.

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