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buyer's guide bomber jackets

I didn’t want to start this by saying ‘Bomber Jackets are the BOMB’, but I have, and it’s true, and now I feel a bit uncomfortable. Let me start again by simply saying that the bomber is a seriously good piece of design. We’re talking the MA-1 and L2 series United States Air Force jackets in all their nylon glory. The assortment of pockets, the neat ribbed collar and cuffs, that boxy shape. Here we put together some of our favourites and, to be really clear, these are modern interpretations (with the exception of our sharp repro from Buzz Rickson) so purists – expect some bending of the rules. While the original, patches and all, will always take first place, we see where the likes of Stone Island, Alexander McQueen, 99% Is and Le Berlinois take this classic.

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buyer's guide bomber jackets

99% IsOlive Green Bomber

99% Is add some hardcore zip leather sleeves to their rendition, keeping it green, slimming the whole thing down and sticking on a back pocket for reverse storage situations.

buyer's guide bomber jackets

Nicolas Andreas Taralis – Reversible Bomber Jacket

As the title explains, this is a two for one, the least you’d expect from that price tag. This has to be a favourite though, that copper coloured option works perfectly with the black trim, the cut a little more traditional then the above.

buyer's guide bomber jackets

Stone IslandShadow Project Diagonal-R 3L Bomber Jacket 

Of course Stone Island take the tech route with this model from the Shadow Project. The spec list too long to mention here, suffice it to say this bomber will keep you safe from wind, rain and sweat whilst appearing simple and uncomplicated.


buyer's guide bomber jackets

Le Berlinois by SOTOMaharishi Duality Fitted Bomber

A Maharishi and Le Berlinois joint effort, this one has just hit shelves and subtly redesigns the MA-1 for a modern audience so expect a more streamline cut and a little less of that parachute effect.

buyer's guide bomber jackets

Alexander McQueenBurgundy Wool Jacket

This one leans to varsity but we’re claiming it as our own on the basis of its sleeve pockets. Navy and burgundy couldn’t work better together in this, wool and leather best friends as ever.

buyer's guide bomber jackets

Buzz Rickson Tops Apparel Mfg. Co. L-2B

Of course we had to end on the real deal and who better than buzz to offer us a solid repro. Personal taste but we’ve gone with the L-2B over the MA-1 solely for the neater fit.  We saw this up close at the Buzz Rickson preview and were immediately sold. It’s all here; patches, Crown zipper, original maker label – if you’ve given up on finding the perfect vintage model then step right up.

While we’re here, anyone interested in seeing the originals in action, head over to Jet Pilot Overseas and prepare to not get anything done for a couple of hours.






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