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Trying to locate Graffiti and Streetart in art history Daniel Feral took on the huge task of tracing it back to its origins and documenting the various influences it draws from mainstream art movements such as Pop-Art and the Situationst movement. The fruits of this huge effort comes in form of a poster he made in 2011 as part of the successful Pantheon Projects Group shown in NYC which he co-curated. The Poster’s design does not merely mimick but also pays tribute to a famous example found in art history. Using only arrows and type, Richard H. Barr, who was the first director of MOMA, developed a simple yet plausible means to visualize the interdependence of various art movement leading to the emergence of Cubism and Abstract Art.

For the Futurism 2.0: Symmetry across Centuries exhibition opened on the 28th of September at Blackhall Studios in London Feral decided to release an updated version. You can get your copy of the poster here.






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