Tune in and turn up

Sometimes in life everything seems to slide perfectly into place. Whilst jigsaws are made up of many individual pieces, you know there will always be those invaluable corner pieces to help you build your creation. Reh Dogg is one of those corner pieces in the Bad Rap Mondays jigsaw.

There’s so many fucked up things in this video it’s honestly hard to know where to start.

I could talk about his ominous leering as he douches himself in the shower, the scurrying around in the woods in his tassel hat, the disturbing pictures of new born babies or his excessively sweaty brow as he moans like a sexually charged moose.

Although at the end of the day with over 5 million views I guess Reh Dogg is having the last laugh. A long, creepy, deranged laugh.

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