Tune in and turn up

Shout-out to PoS for recommending this to us a few weeks ago. Sent to MTV in the late ’80s, this video showcases the talent of a Mr Denny ‘Blazin’ Hazen a.k.a the Average Homeboy. As he says in the video, he’s not trying to be anyone he’s not, he’s just trying to express himself. I wish more people would express themselves like this.

A melange of mullets, baseball swings, literal captions and effeminate boxing poses make this video the diamond that it is. Team that with the song’s racist undertones (see below) and you have another masterpiece in the world of bad rap.

“I’m not the typical rapper that you’ll meet,

I don’t live in a box, nor was I raised on the street,

And as you can see, I’m not black,

I don’t do drugs and I’m not on crack.”

My favourite part is at 2.56 when the visuals remind us that Denny’s head is definitely not big.

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