Tune in and turn up

This week BRM has gone for someone perhaps slightly more respected in the rap world than our previous victims. However, after watching the video I’m sure you’ll all agree El Cool Magnifico definitely belongs here.

The very first line could be misconstrued. One assumes Coolio means persuade your ladyfriend to join you on the dancefloor. As long as it’s consensual, Coolio.

The lyrics don’t improve, check out this great verse from the Gangster’s paradise inhabitant:

“My name ain’t Wanda but i’ll rock your world

Get more bounce than a jerry curl,

Too many looky loos be lookin’ for clues

There’s a party goin’ on, now whatcha gonna do.”

On the visual aspect it doesn’t get any better. The video sees Coolio rushing around (on vehicles he’s swindled from poor, unsuspecting kids) to get to a party to join his girl. Unfortunately for the worm-haired wonder by the time he arrives it’s too late.

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