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Converse and San Francisco-based retailer ShoeBiz launch the second Chuck Taylor All Star City Collection, featuring Halloween inspired artwork by local artists Alán González and Kris Mestizo. ShoeBiz has agreed to donate 100% of the project earnings and proceeds towards Youth Against Poverty and Compass Family Services. The project is intended to highlight and help homeless, drug-free, working families in San Francisco.

“I remember going through Boy Scout catalogs as a kid and seeing some amazing products that sounded just too good to be true,” says González. “One of the products that stuck with me till this day was a pair of X-Ray glasses and with Halloween around the corner, the kid in me came out and this memory inspired me to design a sneaker that would deliver exactly what those glasses claimed in the ads.”

“Halloween is a time for people of all ages to just go out and be a kid again,” says Mestizo. “The Mummy to me was one of the scariest costumes I remember growing up. It seemed as if they were actually real, and I was so excited to design my version of mummies on a pair of Chucks!”

The Converse and ShoeBiz Chuck Taylor All Star City collection will launch October 26th at ShoeBiz locations across San Francisco and online.

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