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18 Surf Selfies and Wave Break Photos by Hurley's Punker Pat

#selfies rule the Instagram ecosystem at the moment and while some stare and shoot at mirrors, Hurley’s Pat “Punker Pat” Towersey stares down waves from his surf and body board. Using the versatile, handheld GoPro camera, Towersey gives us a birds eye view from inside the wave; a place that very few feel comfortable or settled enough to even hold a camera. From these candid portraits, it is clear that Towersey is more than happy show us how things look while having the time of his life.

Thanks to Punker Pat and his Instagram photos for inspiring this gallery.

More on Pat Towersey on the following page.

Pat Towersey was born and raised in Newport Beach CA and grew up swimming around in the Back Bay and local beaches. At age 9, after sliding down the face of a wave at San
Onofre State beach, his life changed forever. Since that day, Towersey has dedicated his
life to being in and around the water, as much as possible. “I believe all ocean activities provide endless benefits and will alter ones state of being, in a positive direction.”

Growing up in the hub of the “surf industry”, he became “sponsored” at a young age and was fortunate enough to travel the world. At 12 years old, group of local surf elders gave him the nickname “Punker Pat” because of his energetic and mischievous ways which often resulted in being duck taped to a pole. When Volcom released their first film ALIVE WE RIDE, it featured “Punker Pat” and from there on the legend grew.

Professional highlights were centered around free surfing: which is defined as being in surf films, and getting coverage in major national and international surf publications.

Towersey currently lives in Newport Beach, California and at HURLEY CLOTHING. Time outside the office mainly consists of surfing, body surfing, swimming, body boarding, paddling and shooting pictures of it all… And of course sleeping and eating when necessary.

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