Faithful to its innovator origins, Louis Vuitton presents the luxury Bike Polo, one of the pieces which perfectly embodies the exclusive sport objects produced by the House. Director Jonathan Leder introduces his highly aesthetic vision of bike polo, an elegant back-lit choreography where all the players glide into a “film noir” scenery; a hazy staging featuring the “Louis Vuitton Boys.”

Now becoming a highly popular and quite trendy sport around the world under the name “urban bike polo”, the first international match was played between Ireland and England in 1901.

One of Louis Vuitton’s ongoing projects is the “sport objects” series, represented here with an elegant fixed gear, polo bike made up of elements of steel, aluminium, leather, canvas, and high-density plastic (the front wheel is closed with Damier Graphite canvas to prevent the ball from passing through or to get a mallet mingled in the wheel).

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