Sinkane is the solo-y project from Ahmed Gallab, a hired gun for the likes of Yeasayer, Caribou and Of Montreal. His new record MARS came out earlier this week on DFA. Dude knows how to groove in that deep way that has nothing to do with bein’ groovy. He is also good at putting on clothing. We had an recent email swap about both things.

Did your sense of personal style develop in tandem with your musical tastes and abilities?

I think I just developed my own sense of taste in general, and it is a part of everything I do. Whether that’s music, fashion sense or jumping gracefully.

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Have there been certain musicians along the way who informed both your approach to song creation and your sense of dress?

I like how wild Andre 3000, George Clinton, Sly Stone, Miles Davis and the like can/could get. I’ve taken a lot from them and showcased that steez in every band I’ve played with in the past four years.

How much value is there in reaching a place where you look like you sound and sound like you look (so to speak)?

It’s really important to be happy with what you’re doing. If you are doing something that you are proud of then it’s all good.


Did you need some special Roland Kirk-esque sunglasses for that trip to “Mars“?

Required. Like an ice-cold Carl Sagan.

Warm Spell” makes me want to play beach volleyball in a pair of breezy shorts. 

That song is about hanging out on Sinkane drummer Jaytram’s roof with with our friends. We’d go up there on a hot day and Jay would play music on a tape deck and dump water over his head.

What’s more satisfying, a brand new piece of designer clothing you’ve been eyeing for a while or a mind-blowing thrift store discovery?

They’re both enjoyable. One’s more of an investment and the other’s like playing the lottery. A lottery consisting of donated clothes from a fashionable, recently-deceased Octogenarian.


Do you have any favorite designers?

I’m not so much inspired by designers. I really like the Street Etiquette guys.



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