Tune in and turn up
#SAILHATAN – 13 All Halloween Essentials Tracks

Hells yes. TheGoodCount Von 2Bop in South Africa put together this essential list of creepster metal hits for Halloween. We first met TheGoodCount in Berlin freely walking the grounds of an ASAP/Danny Brown show in a King Diamond tshirt. How the hell could we not connect on future lists as this one?

Feel free to enjoy or simply fear the darkness this evening.

Photography: Marc Fischer

TSOL – Black Magic
Misfits / John Carpenter – Halloween & Halloween 2

Slayer – Black Magic
King Diamond – Halloween
Morbid Angel – Blessed are the Sick

Samhain – The Howl

Obituary – Chopped in Half

Entombed – Hollowman

Six Feet Under – The Day the Dead Walked

Venom – Nightmare

Pentagram – The Ghoul

Entombed – Night of the Vampire

Burzum – Dunkelheit

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