Tune in and turn up

In a week which saw NYC ravaged by a storm and the release of that Death Grips album cover, the music video sphere witnessed a slight lull. Do not fear however, there were still plenty of new releases on offer. This week we’ve gone for a slightly gloomy selection, you know, since it’s November and it’s cold and life is slowly getting shittier as winter unfurls. So fuck going out tonight, stay in, get bummed out over these picks and wonder why no one ever calls you. Ever.

Feist – Graveyard (Dir. Keith Megna)

You can’t not have a song called ‘Graveyard’ in your Top 5 Music Videos of the week when Halloween has rolled around. Creepy and barren and shot in black and white, Leslie timed this release perfectly.

Joey Bada$$ – Fromdatomb$ Feat. Chuck Strangers (Dir. David M. Helman)

Mr Bada$$ takes us back to the oldschool with this one. The young Brooklynite had everyone talking upon the release of his mixtape, 1999. With his raw flows, a Golden age beat from Chuck Strangers and a VHS-styled storyline, this whole package fits together very nicely.

Sky Ferreira – Bad Dream (Dir. Grant Slinger)

Pretty blonde girl pouts and looks generally downcast. Think long stares through windows, slumping in chairs and crouching with head in hands. However there’s also a bit of bite to it with some theft, gunplay and driving around a huge countryside in a big pick-up truck. Buzzbands can be deep too, guys.

Benjamin Gibbard – Teardrop Window (Dir. Tom Scharpling)

After a briefing with a label square Gibbard sets out to become a “bad boy”. As you might have guessed, this doesn’t exactly go according to plan. ‘Gibbard House’ needs to happen.

The Garden – Tamaryn (Dir. Miko Revereza)

This sounds and looks a lot like My Bloody Valentine and you have no idea how much that excites me. Perhaps Tamaryn can be the artist to bridge the gap between the ever-popular Dream Pop and slightly forgotten Shoegaze.

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