It’s Friday so here’s another round of the week’s top 10 best, and sometimes worst, comments taken from our Facebook and webpage. Some are funny, some are clever, and some are just plain puzzling. Check below and maybe you’ll see your own comment somewhere on this list.

#10 commented on: Video: Split of a Second – A Documentary on Wingsuit World Champion Espen Fadnes

Powell Shamar “So you’re saying not one of them shit their pants at 0:55 ?”


#09 commented on: Trinidad James for Joyrich by Wish

Donal Romano “Jimmie Hendrix ain’t dead?”



#08 commented on: Bape Sheep Ape Head Cushion

Ned Hepburn  “Wish I could coast on a single design for nearly 20 years, too.”

Shawn Marques “Get to work then.”



#07 commented on: Cliff House by Fearon Hay Architects

Gerard Klomp “this house is gonna make someone with a glass cleaning service mighty rich”



#06 commented on: Google and Samsung Announce the Nexus 10 Tablet

 Lukas Navickas “is that a man?”

Gregory Liscio “^^seriously tho that’s definitely a male”

Highsnobiety “We are glad the most important questions about the new tablet are answered… lol”

Jackie C. “They’re twin brothers right?”



#05 commented on: New Era x Wilson Limited Edition 9FIFTY Snapback

Rick Sblmsprmcy Dove “hey move it football head”


#04 commented on: Music Video: Snoop Lion “La La La” (prod. Major Lazer)

Naomi Jo Sindone “Snoop does not give two fucks what anyone thinks as long as he thinks he’s doing something worthwhile. Good for him.”

Derek Roberts “worth while? how the hell is pretending to be Jamaican and dancing around with small children worth while? not to mention the random ass weed smoking puppet bull shits and half naked chicks..I’m all down with some random mind blowing weird nonsense..but this is just ignorant bull shit. good for him? hardly.”


#03 commented on: A Topless Kate Moss on Heroin, Johnny Depp and Raising Hell

Tasteless603 “LOVE DEM TITTAYs”

gem  “where dem at?”


#02 commented on: “Star Wars: Episode 7” Coming in 2015

Leif Brodherr “Star Wars – Revenge of the Jedi-Mouse ??? Soundtrack with Songs from Luke Goofy, Jabba the Mouse and Darth Donald…”


#01 commented on: Halloween in Los Angeles – Dress like The Dude from The Big Lebowski

 Gerard Klomp “leadsinger of nickelback caught shopping for milk to mix with his sizzurp”

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