Tune in and turn up

This week’s BRMs has taken a shamelessly easy route: MC Hammer.

This guy has so many bad rap songs and videos we could easily feature one every week. Save for the slick moves and a shit load of fire, this has gotta be Hammer’s worst song/video combination ever.

The whole thing is just a big blockbuster mess. The special effects, parades of dancers and Skynet-esque studio are way too much. Given the amount of cameos from famous sports stars, it’s hardly surprising Hammer filed for bankruptcy not long after this video.

Let’s talk lyrics. Have the words to a chorus ever been repeated more in a song? Check it:

Too legit… Too legit to quit (hey…hey…) Too legit…too
legit… Too legit to quit…(hey…) Too legit… Too legit to quit
(too legit…) too legit… too legit to quit…

What’s the song called again? Oh…that’s right.

In regards to the closing seconds of the video, there are two different stories. The first is that it was a diss aimed at Michael Jackson for declining a ‘Who’s Bad’ world tour with Hammer. The second is that Hammer was throwing down a dance-off challenge for rights to MJ’s famous glove. I guess we may never know the answer to that one. However after watching this video, I think you’ll all agree that is the least of our concerns.

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