Bjork, the ethereal Icelandic singer has been working at the intersection of music, nature, and technology with the release of her most recent album, Biophilia. A series of out-of-this-world performances at New York Hall of Science in Queens featured giant new instruments like a singing Tesla coil. Due out this month, is the remix record which bring together the singer’s 13 favorite tracks from this year’s eight-part series of reworks, including edits by Matthew Herbert, Death Grips, Hudson Mohawke and Omar Souleyman.

Paper Magazine had the chance to speak with Bjork from her home in Reykjavik where she discussed her new video for the song, “Mutual Core,” which MOCA in Los Angeles commissioned a video for their YouTube channel. Directed by L.A.-based artist Andrew Thomas Huang it’s a visual manifestation of the singer’s tempestuous relationship with the environment. The singer describes how visuals are a key factor in conveying music  to people:

“Well, obviously music is where my heart is. But I feel through the years that visuals have helped me a lot to communicate music to people. It functions as a shortcut. Most people’s eyes are more mature than their ears. Some songs perhaps need a dozen listens to sink in. With a visual, it will sometimes take only one or two takes — as long as there is synchronicity between the two. If they are not connected, it will only confuse even more.”

The new video debuts next Monday, November 12 on MOCAtv , but in the meantime view the teaser trailer below.


Words by Kyana Gordon
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