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Since it’s Movember (not a typo!) now and you guys might already sport some facial hair, we would like to suggest to going all the way and keep your dapper moustache growing into manly beard (and maybe some chesthair too) and start rocking that rugged lumberjack outdoorsman style. This week’s outfit is all about embracing your manhood and surviving the great outdoors… in style. Have a look at our suggestions after the jump.


Our Legacy – Wool Hat

There’s nothing more manly than using your head – for headbutting your way to success or just for some old-fashioned thinking, it doesn’t matter. Keep that skull and thoughts of yours from freezing with a nice cozy wool hat, such as this one by Our Legacy. Get it at Soto.

Filson – Double Mackinaw Cruiser

The Double Mackinaw Cruiser Jacket by Filson makes that grim winter storm seem like a nice walk in the park. Made of 100% wool, this great jacket’s features include four large front pokets, two hand warmer pockets, a full width back map pocket and, unlike the basic Mackinaw Cruiser, an extra cape layer sewn on top, providing aditional insulation. Get yours directly at Filson.

Norse Projects – Barrit Knit

Norse Projects provides some great Knitwear, such as this contrasting yoke wool sweater. The rollneck makes a great substitue for that scarf you don’t have/don’t want/have recently lost in the subway, but don’t care about, because it was was itchy and felt like somebody was choking you with a cactus. Get it at Norse Store.

Carhartt – Lined Leather Gloves

Great manly workout: Get a pile of logs and keep shifting them from one side to the other. Repeat until you lose the feeling in your arms. But remember to always wear protective gloves, such as these by Carhartt. We don’t wanna ruin that manicure, do we? Buy them at Caliroots.


Levi’s – Vintage 1954 501 Jean

All that retro stuff just proves that back in the days everything was better. Just look at these vintage 1954 Levi’s 501s. Instead of a button fly, they sport a much more time-saving zip fly. Back in the 50s men were busy becoming millionaires or slapping the behinds of their secretaries… or both… at the same time. Now we’re busy fumbling around our crotches. Head over to Endclothing to dress for success.

Scott Nichol – Beacon Cable Socks

Nice red wool socks that keep your feet warm and dry. What else is there to say? Right… available at OiPolloi.

VISVIM – Platte Boot Hi-Folk Light Brown

The Platte Boot might be the crowning piece of the already impressive line of VISVIM footwear. Made of premium leather, this boot’s most striking feature might be the Vibram ripple sole. This feature alone compensates for the ridiculously high price. No, it doesn’t? If you started wearing that vintage zip-fly 501 like I have suggested earlier, money would have been no issue here. Stop whining, start saving and head over to Trés Bien and get ahold of these beauties.


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