Selectism Roundup Stories - 2

A Selectism roundup for this past week with stories on Bond, Balenciaga, Hurricane Sandy and more. Have a great week, all.

1. Our buyer’s guide to 6 winter leather gloves from the likes of Norse, Rapha, and more.
2. These are the sunglasses that Daniel Craig wears in the new James Bond SKYFALL film – by Tom Ford.
3. New York Magazine delivers a stunning aerial photograph looking uptown from the lower end of Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy.
4. Alpha Industries does it right with their N-3B slim fit camo parka.
5. VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN ceases publication with the Fall/Winter 2012 edition.
6. Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights “children’s” book is described as a reimagining of the Victorian morality tale. Actually, its for adults.
7. Yuketen has tackled snakeskin a few times in the past and this latest attempt has to be their most successful.
8. The fourth issue of fine arts magazine, Treats!, features photography, models, writers, and more.
9. Last month Bonhams auctioneers put together an amazing lot entitled “Arts of the Samurai.” Amazing. Check it out.
10. A whisky advent calendar. Nuff said.
11. Dazed brings us an excellent collection of archived photography showcasing styled Balenciaga looks through the years. Editorials running from 1997 through 2012.

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