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New York artist Kaws surprises us every time. Months ago first news came out that he would be the 5th living artist (the others being Takashi Murakami, Tim Burton, Jeff Koons, and Tom Otterness) to have a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Last month we gave you a first look at the massive Kaws Companion balloon, that will be appearing in the parade.

But it all goes a little further – Kaws also created artworks to wrap a full MTA Subway Train inside and out in his art, to promote the parade. Today we can show you detailed images of the outcome. Having followed his work for so many years already, it is incredible seeing how far he has come. The situation is even a little ironic if you think about it – a former graffiti artist turned gallery artist, enemy to the MTA, now has an entire train officially covered in his art, riding through the city. Amazing!

Check out the gallery above for a detailed look.

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