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Raif Adelberg Skull and Hula Girl Sweaters for Aloha Rag

Raif Adelberg designed a series of sweaters for Aloha Rag. Pulling inspiration from Raif’s archive, the two sweaters are fairly unique. The “skull” sweater is made from 100% cashmere and come in “black, red and grey with a traditional flower and flake motif, and along the back of the sweater is a skull, lightning bolts, and the world ALOHA!” Limited to three sweaters and damn, they are killer.

The “hula girl” sweater is made from 100% wool and comes in “color blocks of black, gray, and white, and features a snowflake, palm tree, the word ALOHA.” Limited to nine sweaters. Find them at Aloha Rag online.

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