Red Bull releases a video featuring a kluge, a witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task. Within the span of 6 minutes practically every extreme sport is covered all with one particular goal in mind – obtaining a Red Bull. Included is skydiver Sean MacCormac, skateboarder Joey Brezinski, golfer Rickie Fowler, trial biker Danny MacAskill, skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, BMX rider Drew Bezanson, off-road truck racer Bryce Menzies, drifter Rhys Millen, freestyle motocross rider Robbie Maddison, hurdler Lolo Jones, and snowboarder Pat Moore.

The video follows a phenomenally successful year for Red Bull in which they sponsored Felix Baumgartner and his jump from the edge of space.



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