Dior's Raf Simons in Vogue December 2012 Issue

The December issue of Vogue features a profile with designer, Raf Simons, now creative director for the Dior house. Mark Holgate sits with and interviews the 44 year old Simons, in the midst of preparation for his Spring 2013 Dior debut.

…Raf Simons, creative director of Dior for barely six months, casually zaps a remote control toward two Bose Acoustic Wave sound systems stacked as if at some überunderground club in Berlin’s Mitte district. X-Press 2’s “Kill 100” throbs with such intensity that you think the speakers might just raise the count to 102. Taking this as her cue, model Lida Fox… walks down, up, down, up, down, up with the beat. All this is playing out in an elegant if somewhat anonymous white room buried deep in the Dior maison at 11 Rue François Premier, currently a makeshift atelier for Simons and his team… The atmosphere is one of intense concentration but, crucially, not neurotically so.

The December issue of Vogue hits newsstands nationwide on November 20th and is available now as a digital download for most tablets.

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