Tune in and turn up

This past week, Captain Murphy released his first official mixtape titled Duality. Meaning “the state or quality of being two or in two parts,” Duality has certainly garnished the attention that debut mixtapes strive to receive.

Many believe that Captain Murphy is the rap persona of critically acclaimed producer Flying Lotus. I think it’s safe to say that FlyLo is undoubtedly involved, how involved is the question. Duality was initially released as a 30-minute short-film on Captain Murphys’ website. Throughout the video, it seems as if there are three separate visuals, layered upon one another, similar to the Layer 3 technology that Lotus and Red Bull have been working with.

Then there is Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. The two make appearances throughout the tape and are known to be close affiliates with Flying Lotus, is it possible that the three teamed up and created hip-hop’s first superhero-like persona?

Production wise, Duality features some great instrumentation. According to Murphy, the production credits belong to Flying Lotus, Madlib, Clams Casino, TNGHT, Just Blaze, Jeremiah Jae, Teebs and Samiyam.

Stream Duality now, below.

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