Where the runway meets the street

Today The New York Times published a lengthy feature story on NY’s own Supreme. The article describes a typical campout, talks about about the brand’s storied insider appeal, how the fan base is growing, the usual – though all in great detail – before sitting down and chatting with elusive founder James Jebbia. An excerpt follows:

Seated in a blue Commes des Garçons shirt and jeans beneath a giant photo of James Brown, he politely explained his reticence. Reporters, he said, usually garble the story, pigeonholing Supreme as a skate-wear company, instead of, say, New York’s brass-knuckle answer to A.P.C., the plus-chic French label.

“It’s always something stupid,” Mr. Jebbia said, sounding more weary than angry, in a no-nonsense British accent that calls to mind a member of the Clash. “They’ll see the lines at the store and say: ‘Those kids are crazy. What are you guys selling, crack?’

“However, if they see a line outside of, say, Louis Vuitton or Uniqlo, it’s fully accepted and understood why: they just came out with something hot that their customers love and want to buy. It’s no different for us. There’s no tricks or gimmicks. It’s all about good product.”

Read the full Guerrilla Fashion – The Story of Supreme article here.


  • Photography: Deidre Schoo for The New York Times
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