Where form meets function

This breathtaking piece of archirecture designed by Studio MK 27 is located close to Paulista, the financial center of São Paulo, Brazil. The building was especially designed to house the client’s collection of modern and above all Brazilian art. The house is divided into 3 floors, of which the first one accomodates a library, vertical circulation, the utility rooms and the living room. The library faces a Maria Martins sculpture, reposing over a reflecting pool. The livingroom features large spans that open, in their entirety, to the garden, bluring the border between interior and exterior.  The second floors sees, besides a number of bedrooms, a gallery space, exhibting paintings and sculpures. A game room, as well as a gym connected to the terrace of the house are located on the top floor. The facade is comprised of a mix of traditional building materials like wood and stone and more contemporary and unusual materials, such as reinforced concrete and plastic. Click through the gallery for some detailed shots.

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