Selectism 2012 Buyer's Guides - Gifts for the Holidays

On this black Friday, we collect together our favorite buyer’s guides from 2012 – all filled with holiday appropriate gifts for the season of giving. We cover everything from sweaters, socks, boots, gloves, watches and more.

We also ask that during this time of giving you take a moment to give to the American Red Cross. Your donations will go towards helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy and other causes.

See our men’s guides to watches, bags, sunglasses, boots, keychainsovercoats, and many more.

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Crunch time, folks. The big 25th is just around the corner. Those cramming for final gift ideas may find what they need in this selection of seven last minute stocking stuffers. From emergency radios to dopp kits, this list has items that will please any gent or gal.


8 Intimate Gifts for your Lady

Shopping for the woman in your life should not be a difficult task especially when it comes to intimates. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of personal gifts that will work wonders in your bedroom and warm her heart.

14 Fashionable Coffee Table Books

Coffee books aren’t always just for decoration purposes and our selection of 14 fashion books for your coffee table will prove that. These fashion books range from the full history of the menswear genre to an in-depth view of a luxury brand, offering you more than just an overview of the industry.

8 Gym Bags
Stay fit in style with this selection of bags that work in and out of the gym. From A.P.C., Topo, and others.


6 Simple and Affordable Watches

We’ve featured some NASA level technology timepieces on these pages, wrist-wear with more dials than a cockpit, intricate mechanisms balanced on a unicorn hair and a deeply felt wish. Well, as the title may have signalled, we’re looking at some rather more minimal pieces, plain of face and (it’s all relative) easy on the moneyclip. Featuring the likes of Braun, Alessi, MUJI and Uniform Wares – If you’ve recently high-fived yourself over Roger Federer’s Rolex collection then these may not be for you. A fan of keeping it simple?

6 Gifts for Coffee Fans

6 Gifts for Coffee Fans

People are snobbier about their coffee than ever these days. Never have I heard the uncomfortable phrase ‘My Barista’ used in a sentence more than in the past couple of years. In the words of the late Whitney Houston ‘It’s not right, but it’s ok’. Coffee is pretty amazing and if chasing the perfect cup is a trend then so be it.

6 Simple Raincoats

Keep dry all the time with six raincoats of the subtle kind.

6 Casual Brown Leather Boots

A rather specific category for our Buyer’s Guide today. 6 casual brown leather boots. Simple to wear, go with pretty much everything and offer a nice in-between if you’re trying to keep it smart but comfortable. Look out for the likes of Kickers, Sanders, Grenson, Clarks Originals and Be Positive.


6 Bright and Bold Backpacks

Backpacks just make lugging things about easier. Here we present our top six of the bright, bold, loud and proud variety with appearances from the likes of Yuketen, Topo Designs, Visvim and Epperson.


6 Sweaters of Color

More cold weather options for our Buyer’s Guide. This time we choose six warm wool sweaters (ahem, ‘Jumpers’) with a bit of colour. Some more showy than others, expect options from Orley, YMC, William Fox & Sons, Kenzo, and more.


10 Man Bags that Work On and Off the Streets

Let’s be honest: on paper, very little separates a tote bag from a purse. They both carry stuff and go over a shoulder or in a clasped hand. In reality, however, a tote can be a very masculine carry-all beloved for its form and function. This is why we are presenting you a tensome of bags that are manly things for one reason or another. Man bags that you can carry with confidence.


6 Pair of Winter Gloves

We pick a few favourites of the Leather variety including some fine examples from the likes of Lanvin, Norse Projects, Eastman, Rapha and Chester.

5 Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in many shapes and sizes, essential if you’re heading out in the sun and want to save your eyes from being zapped. Tortoiseshell models always seem that little bit more stylish and generally (generally) suit everyone


6 Winter Scarves with Patterns

The Scarf. One of those accessories that can really makes the difference during winter, we’ve gone for some full on pattern with these examples including the like of Dries Van Noten, PAM, Howlin, Kapital and Y3.

6 of the Best Keychains

Keys. We’ve all got ‘em. It’s how we get in and it’s how we keep Hamburglar out. So, as this necessity is always on our person why not treat them well and find them a swanky clip to keep them together. Here we present six of the best, some functional others just plain goodlooking – from Martin Margiela to Corter.


6 Single Breasted Overcoats

The perfect layer for indecisive weather, if it’s good enough for Columbo it’s good enough for us. As fans of the single breasted trench and its relations we decided to bring together six solid options, including the likes of S.E.H Kelly, Mackintosh, Beams Plus and Thom Grey.


6 Lace Up Boots

It’s that time of year. Sandals and various other examples of delicate footwear take their place at the back of the cupboard, the chunky socks come out and thoughts turn to soup, porridge and casseroles. That’s a long-winded way of saying it’s gonna get cold. Let’s stare at some lace-up boots in preparation, here’s some favourites from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Meg Company, Mr Hare and Ann Demeulemeester.


6 of the best Bomber Jackets

Here we put together some of our favourites and, to be really clear, these are modern interpretations (with the exception of our sharp repro from Buzz Rickson) so purists – expect some bending of the rules. While the original, patches and all, will always take first place, we see where the likes of Stone Island, Alexander McQueen, 99% Is and Le Berlinois take this classic.

7 of the Best Sweatshirts

The ultimate comfortable cloth, the sweat is the nearest many of us will get to wearing our P.E kits all over again. Here we seek out some of our favourites, difficult to narrow down and even more difficult to avoid a Japanese takeover, click through our favourite seven including the likes of Pure Blue Japan, Buzz Ricksons, Loopwheeler and Kapital.

6 Smart Neckties

Neckwear has taken a beaten in the past few years – Off duty sportsmen and their wide clown knots, the bowtie taken to all sorts of foolish places, ties so skinny you could cut cheese with them. Luckily there are plenty of other options out there from the likes of Canali, Drakes, Marwood and Oliver Spencer. Take a look through and hit here for more buyer’s guides


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