Another friday another round up on the best and worst comments taken from facebook and from our webpage. This week was a hard one because our readers seem to be taking it slow on witty commenting. Step it up people! Check this weeks top 10 comments and maybe you’ll find your own name somewhere. Read the full post after the jump.

#10 commented on: Bad Rap Mondays – Riff Raff

C U Next Tuesday: “I imagine some dude from Texas saw Die Antwoord and said “I could do a bad job at that!”


#09 commented on: Mercedes-Benz Ener-G Force Concept Car

Gerard Klomp: “those four holes on the front better be used to launch missiles ..flame throwers are so nineties.”


#08 commented on: Video: Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson – ‘Cake’ Teaser 2

Charlie Brsln: “The more people ignore her the more naked she gets…”


#07 commented on: Kidult Hits Maison Martin Margiela in Brussels

Álvaro de Almeida: “whatever…
he just does it because of the attention he gets.
Just as bad as the people he protests against, by other hand, just as good!!!”


#06 commented on: 2002 Mercedes-Benz G500 XXL Pickup Truck

Paul Bercuci: “Batman’s golf cart ?”


#05 commented on: adidas Holiday 2012 Campaign – The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop feat. Snoop Lion, Rita Ora, David Beckham & Others

Significantplaya Yeahsinsky: “Marry Christmazzle.”


#04 commented on: Larry Clark’s ‘Mafia Girl’ Wins Best Film At Rome Film Festival, Will Be Available Online Tonight.

Ben:  “i’m glad to see larry clarke finally moving away from filming naked teenagers… oh, wait…”


#03 commented on: Kidult Presents The “Your Luxury Is Our Misery” T-Shirts

Jamie: “So, if we camp out for Kidult gear, what meth bridge do we sleep under? Better yet, whose couch is he crashing on?”


#02 commented on: KAWS Companion Balloon for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 

Lotus Tuazon Dequina: “He’s wrecked from being so high!!”


#01 commented on: You Can Now Rent the ‘Scarface’ Mansion for $30,000 a Month

Bruce Goulding: $30,000 a week, shit, I’ll take it for 30 mins then…


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