Tune in and turn up

With one of the most monotonous choruses in rap history, it’s easy to see why ‘A Bay Bay’ made the cut. Don’t tell that to Hurricane Chris though, upon the song’s release he stated on his MySpace:

“I bet that it’s gonna be a baby’s first word because it’s so catchy.” Perhaps the Bad Rap Gods will smite me and ensure ‘A Bay Bay’ are the first words my firstborn utters. However, if that is the case at least I can rest safe in the knowledge they’ll be the ones pioneering beaded braids at high school.

Back to the matter at hand, check out some of these verses:

“Now when I holla A Bay Bay,

I’m finna get my groove on

It’s so hot up in da club

That I ain’t got no shoes on”

Sorry what’s that, Chris? You’re so hot you decided to take your shoes off? What about glass or potential spillages? Would it make more sense to wear flip-flops to this club?  This just seems so reckless and ill-thought-out. Wait a second, further on in the verse we discover little Chris has indeed come a cropper:

“Everybody trippin cause i’m limpin when i’m walkin”

Shoulda kept your shoes on man.

“Tried to get drunk as a skunk

And put the keys in the wrong car

Prolly got drunk as a skunk

And put the keys in the wrong car”

Do I really need to tell you why this song sucks? What do you think of Hurricane Chris and the Ratchet sound? Did he put Shreveport on the map? Let us know in the comments section below.

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