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YMC recently released the lookbook for their Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear collection which features clean silhouettes the London-based brand has become known for. Along with a preview of the collection, we had the opportunity to ask co-founder and head designer Fraser Moss a few questions which you’ll find below.

What were you doing before YMC?

I worked for Vivienne Westwood managing the Davies Street store

Why did you decide to start designing clothes?

I became frustrated by the lack of menswear I wanted to wear myself.

How do you apply seemingly trendy styles into timeless pieces?

My aim has always been to create classic, timeless clothes without much thought of fashion. If for some reason they happen to fit in to current trend then this is more by accident than intention.

Does your music and record collecting obsession intertwine with your design philosophy? How so?

Yes, I reference my knowledge of music youth culture regularly, but this tends to be used in quite a subtle way.

You’re known for being big on the function of clothing along with aesthetics. How do you embellish function with timeless aesthetics? 

Even though I am obsessed with the microscopic detail of clothing, function isn’t my main aim, my goal is to create aesthetically pleasing garments.

How does the design process differ when collaborating with other brands like your recent collaboration with Clarks?

We tend to work with brands which compliment our vision so working with Clarks was a pleasure as I knew the history and didn’t stray too far from the path. Hopefully we sprinkled a little of our YMC magic to create some classic Clarks shoes with a twist.

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