An Interview with Rad Collector's Tim Brodhagen
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“In a high performance world, Braun creates innovative designs built to last 7 years. Braun profiles 15 innovative guys in an intimate look at their life passions and the unique objects of design and durability that power their life.”

Tim Brodhagen has been covering the world action sports  for more than 13 years. From cutting his teeth as editor-at-large for Fridge Magazine, to his current post as editor-in-chief of Radcollector, the go-to lifestyle guide for sports gear and news – all while hosting his weekly action sports video show, Dose – Brodhagen lives and breathes the sports and culture of the generation. His work with photographer, Craig Wetherby on their creative agency, TheGoodLife! has helped many clients better understand and activate within the lifestyle space.

We team up with Braun to talk to Tim Brodhagen about his favorite Built to Perform possession.

1) When did you get into extreme sports? Which sport did you gravitate towards the most?

The first “extreme” sport I picked up was ice hockey. It may not have the rep that other action sports have but 10 guys smashing the shit out of one another at 30MPH is pretty extreme to me.

2) You were a tour manager for DJ Green Lantern. What was that like and what did this experience teach you about the entertainment industry?

I started out as the Editor-at-Large for Fridge Magazine. Our Marketing Director, Jason “Big Jay” Berry, was also Green Lantern’s manager and when the magazine folded, I was asked to join Green’s team. I wore a lot of hats there from Road Manager to Global Distribution Manager, but I was always the only longhaired, white dude in the room. Every part of the experience was amazing, especially being part of hip-hop during its last great heyday. What I learned about the entertainment industry is that even the biggest stars are just regular people. It’s a needed perspective in this consumer culture, celeb worship world we live in.

3) You’re the Editor-In-Chief at Rad Collector and the host of Dose, an action sports TV show for Network A. Many people would consider these dreams jobs. How did you get involved with both projects and what advice would you give someone trying to break into the entertainment sports world?

I’d say they are dream jobs as well, but I would definitely say that getting to them wasn’t always a dream, at least not a good one. It’s a small industry and the opportunities to give up far outnumber the opportunities to make it. So, I would give the most basic of advice: if that’s where you want to be, believe in it, in yourself and never give up. It might sound corny but the truth is that most people do give up so by the time everyone else has quit, there you are.

4) Who is the most interesting and/or famous person you’ve had the opportunity to meet through your work? Why?

Ha! Interesting and famous are definitely not the same thing. That being said, I recently got to interview Lil Wayne at the opening of his skate park in New Orleans. From the way he looks to his stature to his age, it’s incredible that he’s become one of the most famous people on the planet. In talking to him about his commitment to skateboarding, I sensed a complete genuineness about him that I have to say was not expected. I guess that just goes back to my answer to question number two—the biggest stars are just regular people. I also had Stevie Wonder try to steal a girlfriend of mine once, but that’s another story.

5) What do you enjoy covering the most? Do you have any crazy behind-the-scenes stories that you’d like to share?

I really enjoy all of them. The on-camera stuff is still sort of new to me, so every time we do another show I get a kick out of it. Even though it’s just me interviewing the same people I would be interviewing for Radcollector, the fact that there is a camera there definitely changes the experience. Haha—what happens behind the scenes, stays behind the scenes, nah mean?

6) Your Built to Perform prized possession is a Giant Seek O Hybrid Bike.  What year is it?  Where were you when you first bought it and how long have you had it for? Have you tricked it out? Why is it your Built to Perform possession?

It’s a 2010 and was a gift from my friend Eric Doyne at Dispatch in San Francisco. I was just coming off a broken ankle and wanted to speed up my rehab so I turned to him for a recommendation. Instead, he called me to say, “There’s a bike waiting for you at Metro Bicycles.” It’s totally stock because that’s all it needs to be. As to why it’s my Built to Perform possession, it represents freedom in NYC, literally. I’ve been here through a few major occasions (9/11, The Blackout, Hurricane Sandy) where the system has broken down and self-sufficient transportation becomes essential. Between that and the fact that I can snuff any fixie coming down the fast side of the Manhattan Bridge makes it just about my favorite thing that I own.

7) What (or where) is the best ride you’ve taken with your bike? What would you consider to be your dream ride?

That’s easy. There’s a group of us that do a 100-mile ride throughout the five boroughs of NYC on 9/11. To see the entire city at street level, in one day, is one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had. It’s like traveling the entire world in a day and really makes you love NYC all over again and more.



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