Where the runway meets the street

Already fed up with that grim winter (this doesn’t include you, souther hemisphere)? Want to get away? Far away? Yeah… me too. This week’s Buyer’s Guide provides some handy gear and essential stuff for all you world travellers out there. See more after the jump.

YMC – Camouflage-Print Cotton Shorts

These cotton faded camo shorts by YMC look like they went missing in action in the vietnamese jungle 40 years ago. Get them at Mr. Porter.


Filson Red Label – Duffle Bag

Every serious traveller needs some decent hand luggage. The above duffle bag by Filson Red Label is crafted from durable 22-oz. 100% cotton twill and features a removable genuine bridle leather shoulder strap, interior pockets at each end, two-way brass zip closure and storm flap. Get it at Indigo & Cotton.


Best Made – Hobo Knife

Do you know these kind of people who go on a backpacking trip to Laos and end up in this infamous party village in the middle of the jungle, half naked and boozing, eating magic mushrooms and eventually drowning in the river? These are the same kind of people who eat every meal with chopsticks, because they think it’s authentic and a matter of respect towards the locals. Fuck it. After three months of chopsticking, my aching cramp-ridden hands long for some good old fashioned western cutlery. The above Hobo Knife, which can easily be disassembled into individual pieces is available at Best Made.


Poler Stuff – Napsack

Looks like a dress, but it’s actually a sleeping bag. The Napsack features zippers at the shoulders and bottom, so you can stick out your arms and legs… and… actually you could wear it as a dress, just slap a belt around your waist and make Lady Gaga jealous. Get it at Poler Stuff.


Canonet QL19 Mansonia Bespoke Hand Made Vintage Viewfinder Camera

Don’t forget to snap some travel memories. But forget about Instagram. Take photos the classy old-school way with this refurbished vintage analog Canon Canonet QL19 Mansonia viewfinder camera, featuring a luxurious hand made wooden camera body. Get it here.


Clarks – Desert Trooper in Dark Brown

The Clarks Desert Boot is by far one of the most comfortable shoe there is. The only downside, during winter they tend to turn into a slippery death trap. However, Clarks recently released a winter version of their iconic boot, which features the same minimalist design, but on top of a chunky rubber sole. Get them at Need Supply.


MintyBoost USB Charger Kit v3.0

Does this scenario sound familiar? You are on your own in this huge ass south east asian city. No one speaks your language (and you ignorant tourist douche, of course don’t speak the local language either). You somehow lost your friends. You dont know the way back to the hotel. And you’re covered in sweat, not due to the heat and humidity, noooo… You’re scared shitless, because the batteries of your smartphone died and you’re about to go M.I.A.. Next time better have that handy MintyBoost USB pocket charger around. You can purchase it at Maker Shed.




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