Dolce & Gabbana by GRADO Labs Mahogany Wood Headphones
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Dolce & Gabbana by GRADO Labs Mahogany Wood Headphones

When modern design began to creep into the world of headphone construction, the audio quality and output of the headphones, at times, was sidelined in favor of exterior look. While this is fine for many, we simply refuse to forfeit sound for beauty. Collaborative headphones rarely provide both sound and design in a balanced manner, but exceptions do exist.

Take this collaborative headphone project by Brooklyn’s GRADO Labs and the luxury house Dolce & Gabbana, the DS2012. Based on the GRADO Reference Series, the DS2012 headphones sit well in the reference audio category. The use of mahogany wood on the cups provides a unique sound signature that will appeal to almost anyone. The open-air” technology on the DS2012 allows for clearer sound reproduction for both the high and low frequency bands.

Most important: Dolce & Gabbana stay committed to quality by aligning themselves with GRADO Labs. We tip our hat to them for refusing to compromise on sound.

If the DS2012 is more than your wallet can handle, we recommend the GRADO SR80 headphones. Their $99 price tag makes them one of the best entry level headphones on the market today.

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