Where form meets function

The original Porsche Design Studio was founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and was relocated in 1974 to Austria. 40 years on, the Porsche Museum now houses a special exhibition to celebrate this anniversary.

Besides the display of legendary cars like the 904 Carrera GTS and Porsche 911, the main focus of the anniversary exhibition features industrial design projects by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Classic accessories like watches, eyeglasses and stationary will be on display alongside a look into the development of Porsche’s household products. Even the grand piano designed for Bösendorfer piano factory gets deserving love.

Look out for the “Chronograph I” – the world’s first black timepiece and Ferdinand’s first design on display during the exhibition. The matte black chronograph created an uproar back in the day and sparked the trend we now see in the watch industry.

To commemorate the anniversary, Porsche Design 40Y: The Book will be published in time and made available in the museum shop and other bookstores. The exhibit is now open to the public till February 17, 2013.

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