Tune in and turn up

What a week it’s been in the music video sphere! A plethora of fantastic visuals has been released for all our viewing fancies. As much as I would have loved to have compiled a Christmas addition of our Top 5 Music Videos, let’s face it, that woulda been cheesy and mainstream and really who wants that? That being said, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these guys last week. NYE Mariachi night anyone?

Toro Y Moi – So Many Details (Dir. HARRYS)

When did Chaz turn into such a smooth motherfucker?! This video is all sorts of cool. It’s clear the Toro y Moi sound has changed a lot over the years and is now perhaps more comfortable in the synth-pop/dance category. Here the visuals follow the music and take a more sophisticated turn, just check that Turtleneck.

Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk (Dir. Joel Wilson)

Jessie Ware and Julio Bashmore take a leaf from Danny Brown’s book and cop themselves a couple of (ridiculously cute) mini me’s.

Featureless Ghost – Cover Of Night (Dir. Logan Owlbeemoth)

The Atlanta duo conjure up a hazy VHS nightmare with the visuals to their latest single ‘Cover Of Night’.

Wavves – Sail To The Sun (Dir. BLACK // DOCTOR) 

The latest video from Wavves features a preacher with a few skeletons in his closet (namely hookers and blow).

How To Dress Well – & It Was You (Dir. Luke Gilford)

Produced by Urban Outfitters as part of their music video series here’s Tom Krell’s latest visual offering. Starring a golden dreadlocked, segway toting, sunshine warrior, the new messiah has reared his gleaming head.

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