Well I must say, I  feel like I’ve really dodged a bullet today. Not only am I alive and well, I’m also yet to see any signs of the dark lord Cthulhu – smiles all round.

To everyone reading this I’d just like to say congratulations on living through Doomsday (although as i’m sure social media will tell you, the Mayans didn’t account for Leap Years so that means blah blah blah). To everyone else in their underground survival shelters, don’t resurface for a while and think about what you’ve done.

I guess the music world cottoned on to the fact that this week may have been the last chance to share their videos with you. There’ve been some top drawer releases this week and here are some of our favourites.

Major Lazer Feat. Flux Pavilion- Jah No Partial


All i want for Christmas is Diplo’s life – dude’s raising an army. Bonus points if you spotted Rita Ora.

Digits – Love Is Only Affection (Dir. Seth Mendelson) NSFW

An alien channelling Ziggy Stardust falls to earth and witnesses various scenes of a sexual nature. Putting into practice what she’s just learned, she attempts to dry hump her frozen friend back to life (or at least that’s how I’ve chosen to interpret it).

Bat For Lashes – A Wall (Dir. Noel Paul)

This one reminds me of a night out with my missus. What starts out as a classy affair quickly turns sloppy as our sobriety dwindles at an astonishing rate. The only thing that’s missing is the inevitable holding back of the hair as your significant other noisily empties the contents of their stomach.

Vinyl Williams – Inner Space (Dir. Lionel Williams)

I don’t think a music video has ever been more apt for its accompanying song. Drift away.

Hooray For Earth – Never / Figure (Dir. Milton Ladd)

The second instalment to ‘Never’ released back in August features frontman Noel Heroux in a shimmering, slow-mo state of purgatory. Disorientating and mind-bendingly awesome.

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