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Located in the quiet residential area of Tosuien, Hiroshima, this striking yet minimalist house was designed by Suppose Design Office to house a family of five.  The building’s metal frame structure and overhanging concrete floor are completely covered in translucent panels, resulting in a lightbox effect, which provides ample of sunlight during.

The buildings stretches over 3 floors. The ground level provides room for the owner’s motorcycle collection and as the building is set back about 4 meters from the road, there is enough space for a vehicle in front as well. The second floor features the dining room, living room and the kitchen, located partially in a concrete core that hides all the mechanical and plumbing systems. The fourth floor features the bedrooms. The corrugated plastic panes provide a feeling of transparency without compromising to privacy, as the only real clear image exists within about a meter from the skin and is still a bit distorted.

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