New year new numbers and maybe you have made some new years resolutions? To help keeping track of appointments, things to do and birthdays etc. a calendar helps. Most calendars are boring or ugly, still we have found some items that are a little different and maybe even entertaining for you at home or in the office. Take a look at the selection after the jump.

Shuffle Calendar 

The Shuffle Calendar features interactive plywood panels to shuffle month, day and date as modern timetable. Arrange and rearrange as you want, you can change through 365 days and beyond…this calendar never expires. Purchase it at CB2.

Stick-Up Weekly Calendar 

The Stick-Up Weekly Calendar is a sticky note and calendar. You can put it by your keyboard on your desk as a wrist pad or stick it to the refrigerator for weekly menu planning or grocery list. You can write down your to-dos for the week, peel off a sheet, then tack up the sheet on your computer or wall as a reminder. Shop it here.

Gregory Knitted Calendar 

Keep your days on a string with this innovative, hand-knit calendar. Woven into an extra-long scroll with a full calendar year, its tactile and interactive form is an artful way to keep track of time. To mark the days, simply pull a loose string to unravel its number. You’ll move through the months by collecting a loose nest of yarn. Buy it at Unionmade.

Chalkboard Wall Calendar

This calendar wall decal incorporates a black chalkboard vinyl that you can write on and erase. This calendar design also includes an extra “memo” area on the side. It is applied directly to the wall. The main body of this decal comes pre-arranged on a transfer sheet for easy application. Check it out on Etsy.

Moleskine 2013 Daily Desk Calendar

This Moleskine diary is thread bound so it opens completely flat. It has rounded corners and beautiful smooth Moleskine paper. The layout comes with a day-per-page format of 366 detachable pages, allowing you to start each day anew! Thanks to the expandable inner pocket, you can store and keep track of the important days that count. Purchase it at Notemaker.

Bubble Calendar

The Bubble Calendar is a larger sized wall piece with the measurements 48″ x 17.75″ (122cm x 45cm). Each day is inside of a big bubble that you pop for counting down the days. With the type set in ‘Helvetica Neue’ this poster calendar is made in Brooklyn/NY. Check the availability here.

Perfect Mini Planner

The perfect little pocket planner to jot down your schedules, to-dos, ideas, and notes during your day. Stitch bound with a durable cover for protection and to keep your cards, receipts, and photos. Take it with you wherever you go, its neat and handy. Get yours here.

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